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Printing on TM-U295(Slip Printer)using VB6

By san_tch ·
I have developed one application using vb6 and access 97. My system configure is as follows….
OS – Win98 of Win95.
Front End – VB6
Back End – Access 97
HW – PIII or Equivalent
Printer – Epson TM-U295
Printer Driver - Epson TM-U295
Ram – 64 MB
Printer Memory – 256 KB
Printer Port – LPT or COM
I have used “Printer” object of the VB to print. It takes reverse paper feed after getting “EndDoc” method of the “Printer” object. I want to avoid paper feeding after finishing the print job. Can you provide me any solution to avoid paper feeding? So that printer will release the paper as soon as finish the print job. Also, how can I manage to print larger size of printing without changing printer buffer size?


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by xmetal In reply to Printing on TM-U295(Slip ...

I think you probably want to look at the manual. I don't have this printer but I've found a copy here: http://www.pc-pos.biz/downloads/pdf/epson/manuals/tm-u295_ff.pdf

It doesn't talk about software commands at all but it does mention that there is a dipswitch that you can toggle that turns automatic line feeding on/off (the first switch on dipswitch 1 - it also says in BOLD face not to mess with the switches unless you *turn off* the printer).

In that PDF search for "feed". The third hit for that keyword shows the dipswitch table.

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by jabw4evr In reply to Printing on TM-U295(Slip ...

How much paper is being fed at the end of the print job? Your program might be sending a FF command at the end of the print job.

<how can I manage to print larger size of printing without changing printer buffer size?> Not sure what you are asking. If you want a larger point size of print (i.e. 12 point instead of 10 point, changing buffer size will not accomplish that. Changing buffer size only changes how much data can be stored in the buffer.

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by prakash In reply to Printing on TM-U295(Slip ...

I am having similar problems with trying to control the Epson TM-U295 in VB. I am trying to print 35 character lines and it behaves erratic.
Sometimes it skips a line, sometimes it prints all 4 lines for instance.

Can someone share a piece of VB code they have to print something to this printer? I want to make sure i am doing the right thing

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Getting your help

by lasantha.vsolve In reply to Printing on TM-U295(Slip ...

I wrote a program to print same kind of printer but I dont know how to reverse the paper of that slip printer if you know this, pleas send me the required documents

Thank you


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