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By mkeithr99 ·
Hi there, i have a printer connected to a computer whichis on the network. then i configured another computer to print from that printer. i printed after configuring but then the following day when i tried to check for the printer properties i was saying that the print spooler is not running, so what could that be?

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There are many possibilities here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to printing problem

But the most obvious is that for some reason the printer failed to complete the print job correctly and has stalled the Print Spooler.

You can try rebooting the system that the printer is connected to and see if that improves the situation but I would first see if you can print from that system without a problem. If you can for some reason the remote computer has failed to finish the print job and has stalled the Print Que at that end.

As you haven't mentioned the make & model of the printer you need to remember that some Can Not be Networked and if you attempted to run one of these remotely they will have the possibility of doing anything from failing to print at all to doing 1 print job and then falling over and refusing to print again.

Without knowing more about the Printer and OS's involved it's impossible to give a better answer.


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