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    Printing problem


    by vlad7 ·

    We have printing problem. Windows 98 SE. Epson LX300 and Apollo 300 connected through selector switch to parallel port. Bios settings ECP+EPP.If we do not switch computer off for the night, then none of the printers is printing. Error message ?Can?t print to the LPT1″. If computer rebooted then it is possible to print. This problem started recently

    Please let me know what could be the problem.

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      by rindi1 ·

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      Your selector Switch is probably the cause. Windows Systems often don’t work nicely with such switches. Is there a possibility for you to configure that switch? Could there be any Powersaving features you could try turning off?

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      by w2ktechman ·

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      Look through the driver settings, there may be an option to Enable Non Plug and Play Printers, or Enable Old Printer Support, or something like that. This fixed a similar problem for me.
      Also, look for updated drivers.

      If those do not work, instead of rebooting each time, you can try stopping and starting the print spooler

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