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Help!....I'm having problems with our networking printer printing Text.....The printer is a HP C3180. The computers networked to it are: 2 Windows "98" and 1 Windows 2000 "XP". From each of the computers, when requesting to have a document print, the network will activate the printer to print, but it only prints one line of "garbage commands" with the line ending in $Driver Version = 2.323.0.0 or Apparently the printer recognizes the command, but it is not printing the text. How do I configure the computers so it will stop printing "gargage" and print "text"....(These computers were able to print to the printer previously until the Printer was upgraded from HP 1200 to HP 3180.) Thank you in advance for your assistance.....(Email - stancard4 @

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What new Drivers have been installed?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to PRINTING PROBLEM

When you add new printers they have to have the Printer Drivers installed and this requires the drivers for the OS to be used as the wrong drivers will not work with the wrong OS.

You can download the drivers for the Windows 98 and 2000 versions from here or use the CD that came with the printers to install the correct software on every computer.


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I have the same problem

by bcgarry In reply to What new Drivers have bee ...

I have just replaced an older HP All in One with a C3180. I am printing directly from an XP computer via the USB port. I get exactly the same problem as described above. I have checked & my drivers are up to date.

In addition the HP Solution Centre software tells me that it cannot establish 2 way communication with the printer.

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forgot to tick for e-mail updates

by bcgarry In reply to I have the same problem

Sorry for this post - I forgot to tick the box for e-mail notification after my last post

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to I have the same problem

Please start a new Question thread by starting a new post for your question.

Meanwhile, try a different USB cable.

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