Printing Problem in Windows XP

By s4starb4boy ·
Hello to All

Its my first question here, hope you would guide me. question is that I'v recently install windows xp (sp3) on a Pentium 4 computer and it has also hp laserjet p1005 printer attached with it.a bit ago it was printing fine but now when I give the print command it show the printer icon on status/task bar as if it used to show and disappear but doesn't printout any document I've tried to plug the prinetr on different usb port all the sytem have but in vain I'v also stoped and restarted printspooler service and yes ofcourse I've scanned with antivirus(including latest updates) the whol system...please guide step by stp what to do so that my printer do work fine for me as the same printer do on other computers(checked).

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Update the drivers

by Jacky Howe In reply to Printing Problem in Windo ...

Disconnect the printer from the PC

Go to the Control Panel and click on Add/Remove Programs. Select your Printer Software that is listed here. Select Remove.

From the Control Panel, click on Printers & Faxes. Right click the printer in question and select Delete

Look at the Toolbar. Select File, then Server Properties. Look in the Drivers tab. Highlight the printers drivers listed here and click on Remove for each one.

Reboot the PC. Do NOT reconnect the printer!

Go to the website of your printer manufacturer. Look for new XP drivers for your model. Download the correct software.

Run the exe file you just downloaded. It should auto-start the installation program

The software will tell you when to connect the printer.

Once the software is installed and the printer connected, Set the printer as the Default, try a test page. and check your notifications.

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by s4starb4boy In reply to Update the drivers

firstof all I would lik to thank sir Jacky Howe,second, I've already followed the step you mentioned. I've original drivers cd wid box pack printer(hplaserjet P1005)and yes I've followed the onscreen instructions while installing drivers.same printer do work fine on other computers. and as I said in my prvious post that when I first installed my printer it was working fine but after some time........ay way sir I couldn't wait too long because the person ave that printer have had lot of printing jobs pending due to that so I've reinstalled windows on that computer it is working fine now.Thanks you very much sir I realy appriciate your quick and knowledgable response.THANKS

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Your welcome

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks...!

It was a big fix but I'm glad to see that you are up and running.

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As Jacky pointed out

by The Scummy One In reply to Printing Problem in Windo ...

it is most likely the driver -- however, it may also depend on what is being printed. I have found on the 1320 and P2015 that some applications do not work properly and cause a range of errors, if you do not disable the 'advanced printing features' in the printer properties.

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by s4starb4boy In reply to As Jacky pointed out

Thank you very much "The Scummy One" I realy wanted to fix that problem by following some of your instruction but it was too late as the person have had pending lot of printing job so I had to reinstalled the wndows and printer's software it is working fie now. I am realy vey thank full to you The Scummy One and appriciate your rsponse to my post.thank you

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