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    printing problems


    by sirkoke ·

    what hapens when my printer is printing only the test page after using it for some time?

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      by sirkoke ·

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      More info please…

      by zombiebot ·

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      What make and model of printer are you using? What operating system are you running?
      How is your printer connected (USB, parallel, networked?).

      When you say it will only print a test page do you mean the test page that you initiate from..
      A) the printer settings dialog in your operating system, or
      B) from pressing buttons on the printer itself?

      If A) then it may be that your default printer has been changed to another print device (maybe a PDF Writer or Microsoft Document Writer).

      If B) then I suspect there is a connection problem, possibly loose cables, or, if this a network printer then there may be a network problem.

      Sorry if I a bit vague, but if you can provide some more information then I or someone else may be able to help you more.

      Good Luck,

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        Having Same Problem

        by roberta ·

        In reply to More info please…

        New Vista Windows software was working on USB connected
        Brothers 5250 printer. Stopped Suddenly. Will print test page
        from “printer.” Computer sees printer, but just keeps
        spooling jobs and will not print.
        Also issue connecting Windows XP laptop to ethernet
        network. OK for web, but will not see printers. Interestingly,
        Vista software did see and print to network printers.

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