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    Printing Problems: HP Officejet Pro l7780 & Firefox 3.0/


    by lil ndn ·

    Okay,first let me say that I’m technically challenged/newb, so with that out of the way here’s my concern/problem: 1. (not sure how to discribe this properly, but I’ll try and give an example) if I’m on a webpage with multiple lines of print installed in a box which has several columns Print Preview shows all of the printable context/fonts,etc, but when I print: it usually winds up leaving out several of the columns. This does this only while using the latest two versions of Fx. If I switch over to IE7 the print previewer shows same text as Fx and it also prints the entioe box with the several columns. What gives and how and where do I go to resolve this…tried fx forums to no avaqil as yet. I hope my discription of what’s what helps enough for some input.

    Lil ndn
    Windows XP SP3

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      by lil ndn ·

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      by thechas ·

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      I use Firefox as my main browser. Like you, I find some web pages do not print correctly in Firefox but print just fine in IE.

      The best answer I have for you is that IE does not adhere to the same web page format standards that Firefox does. Microsoft supports some web page features that are not part of the formal standards. Compatibility is better than it used to be., but not perfect.

      Now, if you see this on all web pages, then it might be something else.

      My work-around for this is to install the IE view extension for Firefox. That way, IE is just a right click away.


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        by lil ndn ·

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        I tip my hat to The CHAZ; your comment coincides with my thoughts on this, but as I said, I’m no where near being an expert, and knowing just enough to get me in trouble and not enuff to get myself out again I find it better to inquire.

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