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Printing to a local client over RDP

By geekynerd ·
Hey guys,

I'm a on-site network admin and usually take care of all day to day problems that crop up, unless I'm bogged down or something happens that stumps me then we call in our Consultant who takes care of it or calls Microsoft for free support.

Recently we got a Server 2008 64bit and have three or four satelite comps that connects through rdp. The problem is always the printing.

Any Windows OS under 2003 (from the client) doesnt redirect any printer port that doesnt start with either LPT or COM.

Looking online I've found a few 'fixes' for the problem, mapping a shared printer to a virtual LPT port using the net command or the Registry fix which Microsoft offers on their website that re-directs all printer ports to the RDP server.

Unfourtanately for me, and my company, these fixes don't work for the oh so great and wonderful Vista.

After weeks of going through brick walls I came up with a brainstorm that amazingly enough works like a charm and I figured I'd share it cause I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with this problem.

Under the Options of Remote Desktop, in the Local Resources tab, where it asks you what you want to re-direct to the Remote Server click on 'More' and then check off the box; 'Serial Ports' and also 'Supported Plug and Play devices.'

Once this is done, connect to the Remote Server and go to the printers folder.

You will need admin rights for this, install a local printer using one of the TRS Ports. You will have to figure out which one the printer is on.

I've done this several times now and ususally the Printer is on the first TRS port, but if its not, it's not hard to go add another printer under the next port, its basically guess and check until you hit the right one. I've found this works for both USB and DOT4 ports without losing any of the multi-functions you normally would by mapping to LPT.

Try it out and let me know if you can get it to work, I'm curious if it's only my network (which is set up kind of wonky three or four VPNs all connected to each other... don't ask) or if it work for everyone. Hope it helps.

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