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Printing to anetwork printer from a desktop not on the domain

By PowerIon3 ·
Ever felt like a Blithering idiot? I do currently I am trying to get multiple desktops, not a part of the domain, to print to multiple Lexmark network printers. In 2000 and XP this task is easy you add a local printer with a created TCP/IP port with the correct IP address and tell it to print. However in 98, ME, and yes even NT 4.0 I have not been able to identify the correct way to accomplish this task.

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Redirect a LPT port.

by tbragsda In reply to Printing to anetwork prin ...

net view \\xx.xx.xx.xx
to get share name on print server.

net use lpt1 \\xx.xx.xx.xx\printer
to redirect.

You can also create a print server on a NT/2k etc box, and attach 9x wks through it.

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Find the Software

by Roger99a In reply to Printing to anetwork prin ...

Win98/ME/NT4 will require the proper software to talk to a TCP/IP printer. HP JetDirect or whatever the printer manufacturer has should do. If you can't find that then set up a Win2000/XP Workstation and use it as a print server, as long as you don't have too many clients printing at the same time.

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this has worked for me

by microsoftne In reply to Printing to anetwork prin ...

I utilize an LPR port for this.

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