Printing to Dot matrix Printer from a Clipper application

By giridharipaul ·
I have experience that when I print some thing through a dos program (Clipper) it is not directly printing through the printer and I have to exit or wait few minutes to take the print out
I am looking for a solution

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Try a print capture.

by bart777 In reply to Printing to Dot matrix Pr ...

DOS applications are a royal pain in the backside.

In order for them to work properly you need to capture the LPT1 port.

Just create a net use command and point LPT1 to where ever this printer is located.

net use lpt1: \\servername\printer

Hope this helps.

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Clipper Slow DOS printing

by guolo.davide In reply to Printing to Dot matrix Pr ...

That's because your Clipper program does not close the LPT1 port at the print job end.

If you're the original Clipper programmer, please see

If you're an end user, you'll have to twick the LPT_Timeout Windows parameter. In this case please see

Kind regards,
Davide Guolo
@SwIt s.r.l.

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We have a bunch of old Dbase apps

by TonytheTiger In reply to Printing to Dot matrix Pr ...

that did the same thing when we went to XP (worked fine under W2K). "Set print off" in the source code will do it. So will "Set Printer to" (no lpt1 or anything after it). The advantage of the latter is that it only flushes the spool, meaning you don't have to "Set print on" for subsequent prints.

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