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    Printing to PhotoSmart 4×6 paper ??


    by sszretter ·

    This seems like it should be simple —
    I have an HP Photosmart P1100 printer, and I loaded HP 4×6 premium paper into it.

    But, I cant figure out how to correctly print to it from my Windows 2000 machine.

    I try printing a picture from my browser, macromedia fireworks, and even microsoft paint, and generally have the same results — the computer spools several pages – as few as 3, as many as 50 in fireworks!!

    The pictures is 5 megapixel. It seems like it is trying to print the whole thing at THAT size!! Shouldnt the software or printer driver SCALE it down??

    In the print dialog I made sure to select the proper paper TYPE (4×6 glossy hp), and paper size (4×6 photo paper).

    One time I tried using the scale to fit option in the print dialog, and that made it TOO small. I chose to scale from 8.5×11 to 4×6… So im not sure if thats the fix.

    I even tried scaling the picture in fireworks to 4 inches by 6 inches, but it STILL prints multiple pages! Plus shouldnt there be an easier way without having to SCALE everything beforehand??

    Is there special software I need other than what I listed, or am I missing a step or setting????

    Please help!!

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