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printing to Windows LPD printer from Unix

By yong98zhang ·
We are having problem(it just won't print)printing to a Windows LPD printer from Unix(Solaris and AIX)when the enable advanced printing features feature for the windows print queue is unchecked. It prints fine if this box is checked. However, we need to have this box unchecked on the Windows print queue in order to make a software called "Byrequest" from Hillary Software on the Windows box to work properly. Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated.


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by 5jgibbs In reply to printing to Windows LPD p ...

well.. are they windows based instructions that the unix box is receving? Are you doing ip printing, with a print server? If your using like a 2000 print server, check the box were it says spool all jobs before printing. Try that.. reply back


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by Andrew Cooke In reply to printing to Windows LPD p ...

Pretty sure this can be resolved easy.

Just create 2 printers called different names.

I normally SHARE one, and tell AIX to use for example QUEUE NAME SHARE

Where the sharename is the queue name that unix uses

This works fine on our print server

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it's called

by Jaqui In reply to printing to Windows LPD p ...

install the sambe server on the network server
install samba client on the *x machines.
make the *x machines use samba ( aka smb ) for a device access to printers/scanners
the smb server will translate the *x to widerstalk so that the winders based printer will understand the job it's smarter ( unix / aix ) cousins sent to it.

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printing to windows LPD printer from unix

by pmodhiambo In reply to printing to Windows LPD p ...

I am trying to print from an AIX 5.3 box to windows xp/98 local printers.From your query , it appears you have managed to do it. Can you mail me the steps please.

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