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Prints slowly from certain programs

By solayress+1 ·
When I print from certain programs, there is a long delay before it will print. I've noted delays printing schedules from Outlook, from MS Access, and PDF and only these programs (although I may discover more later). Usually, general slow down induces a grinding noise from my computer, but not in these cases with the printing. The program simply stops functioning and if I try to do anything else within that program it will usually freeze it up complete and I have to ctrl+alt+del the program. I have to wait for the delay to run its course.

The delay seems to be approximately the same length each time. Also the delay happens approximately 95% of the time. When the delay doesn't occur, it will not occur several times in a row, or sometimes until I closeout the program.

The delay does not seem to be caused by file size. In my other commonly used programs (Excel, Photoshop, Explorer, Word) the delay never occurs.

I've already tried defrag and scan disk, which has had no effect. I'm running XP Pro.

How can I fix this?? This is a huge irritation when I have to print several Access or PDF files. HUGE thanks to whoever has an answer or a clue or anything.

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by bdragomir In reply to Prints slowly from certai ...

I would go to task mgr (ctrl-alt -del) go to processes look for spoolsv.exe and change the process priority (set it higher) also before doing that go to start-run-services.msc and check that printspooler is started if not click start and set it automatic.
Hope this helps

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by jc2it In reply to Prints slowly from certai ...

It sounds like an intermittent low memory situation. Both Acrobat and Access are notoriously memory hungary. You must determine what other services/processes are running at the same time when you have the delay. You can do this with the processes tab of the task manager. Use the task list referance available at to determine if they are nefarious.

If you have not already done so make sure your AV software is up to date and do a virus scan. Use Spybot Search & Destroy to remove any malware that may be hogging memory. It is available here:

Upgrade your RAM. With Win XP SP2 256 MB is minimum, and with Access and Acrobat you should have at least 512MB, but probably 1GB.

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by shelli_2005 In reply to Prints slowly from certai ...

Is the printer attached directly to the computer or are you going through a network print server? what kind of printer is it and what driver are you using?

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by swisstonihasher In reply to Prints slowly from certai ...

Just to add "Usually, general slow down induces a grinding noise from my computer", this probably means your hard drive is past it's best! Looks like upgrade time to me.

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