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    Priting problems


    by mikig69 ·

    I cannot print from my printer. It is connected localy to my computer and I know that something with the port is wrong – I should uninstall it and then install it again – but i’m not sure what to do- please help me and send me specific orders.

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      by mikig69 ·

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      Have you…

      by unhappyuser ·

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      Have you uninstalled just the printer or any related software also? What kind of port is it (USB or parallel)? If it’s USB, have you tried another port? What is the OS? Did it work before? If yes, has anything changed? Did you try a spare cable?

      I apologize for all of the questions but the answers to them will be helpful in solving the issue.


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      How connected? What OS?

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Priting problems

      What is wrong with your Port?

      If you plug/unplug the USB cable, what happens?

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      by wizard-09 ·

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      What error messages are you getting when you try to print to the printer, have you restart the print spooler, goto start then run type services.msc look for the print spooler service then right click restart try to print again.

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      Depends on what the OS is here as to how you proceed

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Priting problems

      However if it is some form of Windows you can alter the Port from the Printer Window by right clicking on the printer and left clicking on Proprieties.

      Then left click on the Ports Tab and change the Port to what is actually being used.

      To uninstall this printer you’ll need to provide more information like what it is and what OS is in use here though again if this is some form of Windows you can open the Printer & Fax Window and by right clicking on the printer chose delete which will delete both the Icon and the associated drivers for this printer.

      As to installing the Printer Drivers you need to follow the procedure in the Owners manual of the printer. Most USB Printers need to be plugged in when the Installer asks for them to be connected while any connected to a LTP Port need to be connected before you start the Printer Installer Software.


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