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Privacy and Security

By turbinepilot ·
I certainly enjoy the security offered by using a credit card but I do miss the anonymity.

Just imagine what would happen if some state?s Attorney General began an investigation into alleged price fixing. He might subpoena the credit card companies for a list of all card holders shopping at Big Store, Inc. Then he might subpoena Big Store for a list of items purchased by the card holders. Before you know it the AG will be able to confirm that Turbinepilot has been buying extra-hefty silk briefs (without fly) in pastel colors with lace trimmings. Granted my fashion sense is scandalous but not criminal.

There should be a way to have ?anonymous credit? by using encryption etc. Maybe I?m just being paranoid but I think I?ll keep using cash for most of my local purchases.

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Remember Cash?

by dawgit In reply to Privacy and Security

Works wonders (sometimes )

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Fleeting Glimpses of it

by turbinepilot In reply to Remember Cash?

I've seen cash for briefs moments. Usually it pauses in my bank account for a few days between payday and mortgage day.

I do a fair amount of traveling for business. Carrying large amounts of cash is unwise, some businesses are fussy about traveler's check so a credit card is a must. Besides the company I work for doesn't forward any funds prior to travel; all of my expenses on-the-road must first come from my own savings. The credit card is a great way to use someone else's money until the company issues a reimbursement check a week after my return home.

Mostly I was hoping to spark a discussion about the feasibility of having some type of anonymous credit card.

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It sounds good, but

by dawgit In reply to Fleeting Glimpses of it

It would also defeat the purpose. (with an "anonymous credit card") Since, the true purpose of the modern 'Card' (example: charge-card; credit-card; bank-card.) is to track us. Now, this in it's self is not always a bad thing, (as in: "I was there" and "I did that" and "It did cost that much") it does, now leave a lot to abuse.

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I pay with cash

by w2ktechman In reply to Privacy and Security

for about 80% of my purchases. A holdover from when I was broke and couldnt get a credit card. I actually prefer it this way, I talk myself out of buying a lot of stuff.

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I don't have any credit cards

by mjd420nova In reply to Privacy and Security

I have to pay cash. I don't want any credit cards, I get pre-approved applications daily, but they get shredded right away. I used to have credit cards, but after 15 years, four children and $30,000. in debt, I cut them all up and paid off the bills. Anonymous was not the intention, but actually a side benefit.

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When a flock of pigs flies overhead

by Tig2 In reply to Privacy and Security

Is when I am likely to get a credit card of any kind whatsoever. I have a "pay as you go" card that is nice and disposable and only ever has the $$$ I need to make an online purchase. It doesn't even have my name on it and that is fine by me.

I have learned by ID theft that Mulder is right- Trust No One.

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That is one thing

by w2ktechman In reply to When a flock of pigs flie ...

that I recommend for online purchasing. A card to pay into before use. That can seriously limit damages.

Another is a service like PayPal, so only 1 place has your info, and is accepted all over the web.

Keep it safe, after all You worked for that money, You should be the one to spend it, right?

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Do You Travel Much?

by turbinepilot In reply to When a flock of pigs flie ...

The pay-as-you-go card sounds interesting but I travel several times a years on business. It seems that the rental car companies are especially fussy about renters without "credit" cards. What has been your experience in this regard?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Do You Travel Much?

Almost all of my travel, I drive my truck.

But I do have credit cards for emergencies.

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by Tig2 In reply to Do You Travel Much?

But have always found a workaround.

If the company wants me to travel, they need to provide me with a corporate card. This takes care of rental agencies but I have also done voucher pre-approval.

There is always a way around the ubiquitous credit card. I have a right (so far) to choose to manage in cash. All having a bank account ever did for me was insure that my losses were greater than they would have been if I was managing to a cash only standard when my identity was stolen.

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