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privacy as regards EMAILS

By raulnarine ·
My question to anyone is:

"Is there any privacy as regards emails being sent from one point to the other?"

If you are aware of this please notify me. Thank you

Raul Narine

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privacy Emails

by raulnarine In reply to privacy as regards EMAILS

I will start by saying that regardless if you're a kid on the net playing dolly house or an adult saying bad things about the government, the "Big Brother" is watching you. So dont even think that we are not being watched.

Raul Narine

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privacy ...

by mm63 In reply to privacy Emails

If you are so worried about privacy think about PGP. Maybe "BigBrother" can crack it but your basic IT Manager or Corporate IT department wont get very far !

Matt McCullagh

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Privacy ...MATT

by raulnarine In reply to privacy ...

care to enlighten us on that Matt

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Not sure what you want but....

by mm63 In reply to Privacy ...MATT

Philip R. Zimmermann is the creator of Pretty Good Privacy. For that, he was the target of a three-year criminal investigation, because the government held that US export restrictions for cryptographic software were violated when PGP spread all around the world following its 1991 publication as freeware. Despite the lack of funding, the lack of any paid staff, the lack of a company to stand behind it, and despite government persecution, PGP nonetheless became the most widely used email encryption software in the world. After the government dropped its case in early 1996, Zimmermann founded PGP Inc, which was acquired by Network Associates in December 1997. Zimmermann is now a Senior Fellow at Network Associates, as well as an independent consultant in matters cryptographic.

check out :

Sorry about the delay !!!



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Email Privacy

by sandar In reply to privacy as regards EMAILS

Our corporate policy is that if the message is being sent on a company computer, using the company network, going through the company mail server, then the user in question has no right to expect any form of privacy using this means of communication.

If they use any form of encryption, then the company has the right to a key to decrypt any such message or the account will be terminated and HR notified for diciplinary action.

What they do away from work on their own systems using their ISPis their business.

Chris Patton
Weblink Wireless, Inc.

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Privacy policy

by raulnarine In reply to Email Privacy

Well I think I will have to agree with Chris on that.
Does your company take the privacy policy into high regards?

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It's a matter of policy

by dlw6 In reply to privacy as regards EMAILS

Chris Patton has a good policy in his company. It can be legally enforced and I am sure that it helps deter misuse of company assets.

Having said that, every company should have a published policy. The lawyers have to approve it to ensure it can be enforced, and the boss has to approve it to ensure he is willing to enforce it. Once it is approved, you have to communicate it to the employees and answer their questions. *Then* you can act to detect or stop violators.

There are a lot of unproductive activities and a few potentially dangerous ones that employees might be tempted to engage in via e-mail and the web. You can't stop them unless you have proof that they are violating the policy knowingly. How to detect and stop this activity is another discussion.

This could be as simple as a policy statement on the card used to issue their password ("use of the account constitues acceptance..."), or as complex as a letter they sign and you file.

I have yet to see a meaningful argument in favor of privacy on a company PC or e-mail system. But then, I'm the guy who has to reload the computer when someone opens a Trojan Horse joke file.

Every company will have a slightly different philosophy on this, depending on a wide range of factors. Factors include the IT folks' ability to explain security to the boss, the courage of the boss to enforce the rules, and the willingness of the boss to follow the rules him/herself.

Good fortune,

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RE: It's a matter of policy

by raulnarine In reply to It's a matter of policy

You seem to be a person of good understanding on the subject matter Sir.

I have a little question for you.

Do you think that the Government of the US and all other technologically advanced countries have a privacy policy against the interception of emails.

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No Legal Policy Protecting E-Mail

by Wayne M. In reply to RE: It's a matter of poli ...

Not only is there no legal policy protecting e-mail, the government can and will seize computer equipment if they suspect illegal activity and under certain circumstances deleting corporate e-mail is considered illegal.

Companies are legally responsible for the contents of e-mail. Every company needs to have some sort of e-mail policy and has the right to monitor e-mail to ensure the policy is being followed. The court system can and will subpeona e-mail files and back up tapes. This can be in cases of anti-trust, pornography, and harrasment (sexual or otherwise).

Most companies will overlook limited personal use of e-mail, i.e. occassional messages to friends and family. The best policy to follow is that if you are not willing to have a message printed and posted on your door, don't send it by corporate e-mail.

In general, the US government and corporate IT staffs do not monitor individual e-mail messages; there are just too many of them. Records of e-mail messages, however, tend to live for a long time on servers and back up tapes, so questionable messages can come back to haunt you.

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What's do you think?

by raulnarine In reply to No Legal Policy Protectin ...

1] What's do you think is the policy then regarding the FBI and all other top level security affiliates as regards the privacy of emails?
2] Do they have the right go intercept an email?

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