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    Privacy from governments


    by dwaynemichnal ·

    I’m not a criminal and I have done nothing wrong. But I’m a high believer and I don’t think the government should have a right to track somebody’s personal phone and invade their privacy with on their text messages and phone calls. What steps can a person take to totally remove something like this so you can have your privacy again. I mean do we have rights or not!!! I don’t care if they have a subpoena or whatever. Thanks for any responses

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      RE:- I mean do we have rights or not!!!

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Privacy from governments

      No we do not we gave them all up ages ago when we started using things like Antisocial media and other Digital Technology.

      If you do not want your Government to get this data on you that is easy stop using it.

      Don’t use a Cell Phone, never connect a computer to the Internet and continue using snail mail to send all of you private messages. At least that way your Government will not be looking at your Snail Mail and never see what you are up to.

      If you really want to get away from this action by Governments World Wide you will have to move to a country where there is no Tech in widespread use and things like Cell Phones or the Internet is not available. I believe some of the more remote places in the Amazon would be suitable at the moment but as these places get taken over by Big Business you will have to continue to move to even more remote places.

      If you want to continue living where you currently are then there is nothing you can do to stop your Government from doing as they please as even wipping out the entire Government will leave the Breaucroticy in place who are the ones doing the snooping at the behest of the Government.

      Once you have lost something you’ll never get it back.

      But the real joke is you never had Privicy to begin with as the moment you accepted using a Landline you where open to being snooped upon. The More Tech you surround yourself with the less privicy you will have.

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      by samgord ·

      In reply to Privacy from governments

      I completely agree with you, mate!
      They have no rights for breaking personal life limits.

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