privacy issues

By helives ·
does tech republic give the private memberships of who's who to those that r invading the privacy of net members n their posts i'm curious because i've read so much about isp's giving out privacy info on their customers and their surfing habits. i've heard google was trying to hold out i was wondering if they've changed their minds. it's like someone listening in on your phone call at your own house when u may be talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend n the things u're saying r private. i don't believe anyone has a right to violate someone elses privacy unless ofcorse they r kids n doing things that can hurt them. parents have to draw a line when it comes to their kids but for any other reason invasion of privacy???

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Never had a problem with it, all the time I've been a member

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to privacy issues

Wouldn't need TR's input anyway, our ISPs could match us up with our accounts with them and our use of TR.

There's enough info in off topic about the regular posters for the authorities to find almost any of us if they wanted to.

Certainly TR have the capability to sell us as a mailing list, there would be no business case to do it though.

After all they effectively sell the facility to contact us anonymously to vendors through adverts.

It would be like an orchard owner, selling his trees to a flat pack manufacturer wouldn't it. No more fruit.

I bet the FBI has got a file on me Oz and Neil anyway.

Unamerican Activities

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Not now

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to privacy issues

And even back when TR used to display the entire E-Mail address if you had not altered to an Screen name there where hardly any spam generated. Today TR doesn't display the entire E-Mail address so there is no possibility of you getting your e-mail account handed out.

If you go in and setup a Site Name or alias and disable Peer Mail there is no possibility of you receiving unwanted spam and your details are only what you are willing to share with others as you have placed what you want there.

While there is always the possibility of a direct attack on TR's Membership Lists it's far more likely to happen to a bank or some place similar rather than TR itself. Of course if you elect to receive New Items from TR you'll get then sent to your designated E-Mail Account but even this isn't a bad thing as it's what you have given permission to happen as it is helpful to you. To be quite honest you are far more likely to find what you are asking questions about on Porn Sites and Game Sites not TR.

Of course if you where to do something illegal and you came under investigation by the Authorities for your actions TR would be responsible to hand out your contact details to these Authorities as they are not above the law in their area nor is anyone else. :)


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