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By Neil Higgins ·
Microsoft privacy relating to MSN,dated March,2005, makes interesting reading.Information is collected by the company,to show how often their services are used,and where your web browser directs you.All this info is stored,and used to update services,and generally make sure that everything available is not misused.Read more here:

Third parties are not allowed to access your personal information.But how safe is all this.The company I work for has information about staff stored on the main server,encrypted,and with access limited to senior managers only,and even then they have to prove to God (the boss) why they want to view the info in the first place.
I read a posting earlier about being prepared in the wake of hurricane Katrina,with suggestions being made about back-up,and off site re-direction,including taking a hard disc of company/staff/clients files off-site,and storing them elsewhere,with a/or several trusted employees.Imagine the nightmare situation of company HQ being wiped out,and those "fleeing" with back-up data losing the disc/s.Yes,there would be other alternatives,such as back-up several times to different locations,so that eventuality is more or less zero.But it just goes to prove that no matter how much planning you take,in the end the matter of both physical,and company survival depends on others,who as far as personal employees,and customers are concerned are/could be complete strangers.Strangers with literally your info in their hands.

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