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Prob.: Disk suddenly becomes read-only?

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have Windows NT loaded on the master boot disk. I left the computer on over the weekend, and when I arrived this morning, there was a message about being unable to write to disk and the system log being full. Utilization was at about 80%; couldn't tell which program was causing the trouble. Attempting a reboot, after 5 - 10 minutes it was hanging on the "Windows is writing info to disk" blurb, so I physically hit the on/off button.

Now, I can get past the boot loader, but the boot process always bombs out on the blue screen (you know, the one that lists the build and the service pack and all the rest):

"*** STOP:0x0000007b [more hexadecimal] INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

And then a memory dump and some other stuff.

I attempted to do the "last known good"
boot, but to the same effect. I attempted to use a dos boot disk and fdisk /mbr (after talking to Dell and being told that the disk is useless anyhow), but that fails with a message that "cannot make a copy of the existing mbr", or something like that.

As a further clue, the disk activity light is always on, never blinking.

I did an NT repair, but, after the repair detects the floppy, and CDRom, etc., it says can't find the hard disk.

BIOS hasn't changed and is configured correctly. All cabling is secure and snug.

When I use an NT Boot Disk and load with a /crashdebug option (which I don't really understand how to use), there are three blinking letters on the blue boot screen: "SND, SND"

I don't think the disk is full (there is a 2 GB partition on it, but I put all of my applications on a separate mega drive).

I have unplugged my CD-Writer peripheral and rebooted that way (but it makes no difference).

There were no probs, when I ran a scandisk of the affected hard drive (using a bootable utility CD from Dell).


Can I fix this disk to make it bootable again, or is it hopeless?

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