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Hello i have a problem i cant get a single descent 3d game to work have latest video drivers computer good enough to run them much better than required can some1 point me in the right direction occiously when i click on the games it half loads then comes up with virtual memory error cannot be written at 502790156 some number ?????? and a couple of times the games even worked till i exit them and try to play the $!)@%ers later any of u fantastitcle people have a clue what i could do to resolve this problem
yeah i have a gig of ram what should it be at? 1500 - 3000 right?

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Memory and swap file

by bart777 In reply to Problem

You may want to get more memory for the computer. Also check your virtual memory settings. They are in the properties screen of your My Computer icon.

Make sure that your swap file is at least 1.5 to 2x the size of yoru RAM.

Have fun. Wish I could go home and play too.

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Stuff to try...

by scott_heath In reply to Problem

Right click on My Computer and go to Properties. Click on the Advanced tab and the click on the Settings button under Performance. Click on the Advanced tab on the new window and click Change under Virtual Memory. Set it to no paging file. Then go to the comand prompt and run fsutil dirty set c: and reboot. Then reconfigure your swap file to the correct size

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didnt work

by look-4-more In reply to Stuff to try...

yeah did the no paging thing
did run ftutil dirty C:
it then ran chkdsk the 3 stage 1
change the file back to 1534 to 3000
didnt work

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by scott_heath In reply to didnt work

Reseat your memory. I have a buddy who was having memory issues and it seems it wasn't seated to the PCs liking.

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search for that error.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Problem

Do a search for that exact error and see what you find. Often, these errors are caused by something else on the system that you wouldn't suspect unless directed to it. If you can give us the exact error and maybe the names of the games you're trying to play, maybe we can help you nail it down. Perhaps it's your graphics drivers. Perhaps it's directx. Who knows till we look for it.

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system cleanup

by w2ktechman In reply to Problem

run a system cleanup, defrag your system, delete temps, good to add a bit more RAM as well.
Go through your startup options (start -- run -- msconfig), you may have too much of the memory used.
remove excess restore points
emty trash, look at hpw much 'free disk space' is available. you may need to find some things to remove.

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