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    Problem Accessing a Windows 2000 Server


    by wolstenholmjw.ctr ·

    We have a Windows 2000 Server running on an NT domain. Suddenly only NT workstation clients can access the shares available on this server. If any 2000 Professional client attempts to access a share available on this server, they get the Enter Network Password dialog box. Even entering the servers local admin account name and password in the Enter Network Password dialog box doesn’t grant access. All attempted accesses have been from accounts that have rights to these shares. Most of the attempts have been made with accounts that have administrative rights to the server. There is no problem logging on locally. I checked all of the local security settings and I don’t see anything that would restrict access. The administrators of this server claim that they haven’t changed anything on this server. They even said that this happened in the past in the reverse, Windows NT clients unable to connect.
    Has anyone seen any problem similar to this before? If so, what is a possible resolution?
    Thanks in advance,
    James Wolstenholm

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      by rsp ·

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      It does sound like a policy has been applied. Take a look in the local security policy (admin tools), and check the “effective” policies of the User Rights Assignments and the Security Options under Local Policies.

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