Problem accessing one particular subfolder on 2003 Domain from Win7 PC

By fishinUK ·
I hope someone may be able to help. We have a PC Workstation running Win7 Pro which is unable to access one particular folder on a 2003 Domain Server. The folder is a subfolder of a shared folder (\\server\public\digital dictation). All folders in the shared folder "public" are fully accessible EXCEPT "digital dictation". We use roaming profiles and I can log any other PC onto the network using the same user account and can access this folder perfectly. On the offending PC it does not matter which user account I log on with, even administrator, none can gain access to "digital dictation" folder, which was working fine until this week. Strangely, if I go to any other PC or the server and rename the "digital dictation" subfolder, it is then instantly accessible on the offending PC under the new folder name. In fact I can rename it to any name and have full access, but if I revert to the original folder name I lose access to the folder again (access denied). If I delete the folder (using another PC or the server) and then try to recreate the folder using the offending PC I get a message to say the file or folder is in use by another programme. I have taken the PC off the Domain and rejoined, but this made no difference. I have also deleted the Computer account from AD on the server and recreated it. I have also Flushed DNS and Registered DNS, neither presented any errors. There are no errors in the Event Logs of any consequence or relevance to this issue.

Whilst we could permanently rename the folder and everything would be fine, the Digital Dictation programme uses this particular folder name and it would be a real nuisance to have to reconfigure the dictation software on every PC, just because of this one PC.

Despite the "Access Denied" message, I don't think it is a permissions issue, as using the same user account/profile on any other PC works perfectly. We are therefore fairly sure it is a Win7 PC issue rather than a Win2003 Server issue.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

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