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    Problem because of Avira Anti Virus


    by pranav_software

    Regularly I’m interrupted by one default error named”C:\WINDOWS\system32\XP-2B9A3B16.EXE”, it is also interrupting when I’m inserting any external storage device i.e Pen Drive, Memory Card, Mobile etc.
    Pls help me to correct the error, and give the solution to repair/remove the error……
    Thank you,

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      by pranav_software

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      That doesn’t look legit

      by kenone

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      Does that file exist? If it does I’d delete it. It doesn’t look like a MS file and it doesn’t look like an Avira file, it looks like a virus file. I’d run Malwarebytes and an online scanner on that machine and see what they find. Could be something in your start up that’s looking for an old virus file.

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      Defiantly not right

      by oh smeg

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      I would disable the restore Points and then update Avira as well as some Malware Scanners like Malware Bytes

      and Spy Bot S&D

      Reboot in [b]Safe Mode[/b] and scan the system. If nothing shows up try one of the many Rescue Cd’s available or listed here;leftCol

      The way to use these Scanners in Safe Mode is to scan the system and if anything is picked up rerun the scanner to make sure that it was removed. If it wasn’t try one of the others and rerun it till the scanner either reports as clean or you are unable to remove those files.

      If you are unable to remove some files post back with what they where but any of the listed Rescue Cd’s should clean the system. But you need to make them on a clean uninfected computer or you run the of just continuing the infection.

      After you have the system clean re-enable the Restore Option and make sure that your computers OS is working correctly. You may be required to repair the OS or even reload it depending on the infection that you have picked up. 馃槈


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