Problem between 2000 and 2003 DCs

By lotuss28 ·
Hello all,

I?m a new SA and have joined a company that has 2 DCs and one domain: a 2k and a 2k3 servers. I?ve got a lot of issues between them. Especialy with Activ Directory:

- Replication is no longer possible, when I try to force it from the 2k server it says: access denied. And from the 2k3 it says something like (I?m trying to translate from French) the time limit after the last replication has benne exceeded!!

- I can access the 2k server from the 2k3 one via \\server_name but i can't do the opposite!!

- Lot of issues with user accounts (some can't print in a specific printer others can't access some shares ....

I think I?d better keep just one DC (2k3) instead of two because we got only 100 users. But I need to copy the users, groups and computers from the 2k DC and add theme to the 2k3 one.

Is there any suggestions? I badly need ur help and advices.

thanks in advense.

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