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Problem Booting Compaq deskpro

By bhatnagar_nitin ·
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Empty vessels make the most noise

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to Problem Booting Compaq de ...

<p>I have had a very ill experience in my job, right from the beginning of my first job. Though I am not an expert in my field of software but still what I can make an assessment of myself is that atleast I am much better than those who are a great talkers and little doers. This guy in my office tries to dominate me by opening fire on my shoulders. I can easily make assessment that he is no worth doing software development work like designing, coding, testing and maintainance, but still he always try to show off as he is the best and knows much more than anybody else. To be more clear on the situation, this guy is said to be called as my leader but he shows no signs of that, not even in maturity. He often shrugs while I am doing my work and snatches things here and there. My problem is that due to his unendurable behaviour, I am not able to do my office job. The situation becomes more pathetic when this guy speaks bad and ill comments about me and escalate it to director level. Now since he is a lead, the director don't listen to me and never make judgement on my performance himself. This has led me to make a decision about quitting my job. </p>
<p>But is this an ethical and mature behaviour from a guy having 8-9 years of experience in software industry? Should I handle him out of the office and show him what can I do, probably kick him off on his face, the way he has showed me the gate.</p>
<p>I would like to ask all others there who have faced such situation in their career and how it can best be resolved, for such empty vessels are of no use, to me atleast.</p>
<p>Thanks, Nitin</p>

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