Problem booting up Windows XP

By jasonpklee ·
Hi all, a problem with my computer right now and I need help fixing it.

I'm running Windows XP (SP2, I believe) right now, but it simply hangs with a black screen everytime I boot it up. I tried running with last known good setup, but to no avail. I also tried running in safe mode, but loading stops at a file "NDIS.sys".

Does anyone have any idea as to what is wrong with my computer, and what can I do to fix it?

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hardware check

by yovev In reply to Problem booting up Window ...

Check your hard drive and memory for errors.
Hiren boot CD or something similar shoud do the job.
Have you just installed some software or hardware?

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how do I do that?

by jasonpklee In reply to hardware check

I used Recovery Console to do a scan, results were "errors found and fixed" but still the same problem. I recently installed a new antivirus (around half a week to a week ago), McAffee. Maybe that's what caused it?

BTW, what is a Hiren boot CD?

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RE:how do I do that?

by yovev In reply to how do I do that?

Hiren boot cd is a bootable cd full of systems managing and recovery software.
In the middle of the page you will see a droplist. Below it is the download link for the latest version. It is an ISO image. Burn it, and boot the sistem from it.
When ready you have to choose software category frm the menu and then an applicaiton to run. Consider starting with some disk check tools from the hard disk manufacturer. For example if your disk is from Seagate, find SeaTools on the Hirens' Boot CD and run it.
If no problems are found and fixed check your memory. In version 9.8 that i used to use for last had 2 programs for that Golden Memory test (or something like that) and MemTest. The second one loops over and over the tests and i recommend the other one to use.

About the AV software, it is possible to make problems if it tries to "protect" system at booting the OS. For further information about the reasons software causes such problems please search in the apropriate software developer's website.

Let me know what progress you have with the problem.


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Giving it a try

by jasonpklee In reply to RE:how do I do that?

Thanks a bunch. I'll give it a try. The funny thing is, after installing the antivirus the computer worked fine for around a week before it just died. Really strange. I'll update here once I've given Hiren boot a try.

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It is often necessary

by IC-IT In reply to how do I do that?

to run chkdsk /r
a second or even third time when errors are found and fixed.

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Tried that too. No luck.

by jasonpklee In reply to It is often necessary

Yeah, I figured as much. Just like how sometimes antivirus needs to be run twice before I actually get rid of all the virus and spyware, I tried chkdsk twice, second time nothing was detected to be wrong. I tried running various programs from Hiren boot CD, but still no luck.

I guess I'll install a fresh version of Windows :-(

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wait a sec!

by yovev In reply to Tried that too. No luck.

I read all from the beginning now. This NDIS file took me ont the wrong track.
When booting normally, the BIOS checks pass and you get to booting OS but then it hangs on that black screen, correct?
If so it is more likely to have an OS problem (from the AV software or not doesn't matter yet).
Try booting from the OS install CD and repair the OS. But not from the recovery console! Choose to install Windows and when the setup detects your current installed OS it will suggest to try and fix it for you instead of installing on top of it.
If the problem is in software it will 100% solve it and your data will be untouched.

Hope it helps!

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