Problem booting windows

By flcnjake21 ·
I tried to install more memory into my system, the computer didnt load so i removed them. when i went to restart the computer it asks if i want to boot in safe mood, normal boot etc. any option i choose it goes to the next loading screen and then the computer restarts. If i dont have the boot cd is there a way around this so i can run chkdsk?

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Need more info here....

Computer Specs

1).Power supply. What wattage.?.
2). Memory. What kind of memory, I:E: DDR2, DDR3?.
3). Motherboard.,What make and model etc?.
4). Windows. What flavoure. I:E: Vista, XP, 98, etc?.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Put it in another computer

by ken In reply to Problem booting windows

Take out the drive and install it in another computer or borrow someones disk.

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When you start the computer press the key to enter BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem booting windows

And make sure that the RAM Reported as present is the correct amount. This should be the original RAM Load. If it is correct exit BIOS Saving Changes and see if the system will boot now.

If it doesn't post back and we'll see if we can help you some more.

The version of Windows being used here as well as the Make & Model of the computer wouldn't hurt either.


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