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    Problem Connecting Xp client to Windows Server 2008


    by smithrckr ·

    hi all

    i’m newbie in networking field plz help guys
    I want to make a connection between two laptops.i have done this setup
    A: Installed windows server 2008(standard Edition) and it meets the Technical requirements of server ..and applied the ipv4 add: with class C subnet
    B:installed Xp and done with all drivers and assigned the ip

    now i want to make A as Server and B as client.can anyone help me with the setup..when i tried to connect these two with Cross cable i cant even ping each other

    tried these trouble shooting:
    1) created a work group (MSHOME) and applied on both
    2) turned the firewall off of both laptops
    3) checked the driver of both nic cards
    4)checked the Ip address

    I want to know what exactly the problem is ? even the lights in NIC cards aren’t glowing

    can anyone help me with step by step process in connecting these two..

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