Problem downgrading from Vista to XP

By kefan77 ·
Asus X51RL laptop, 2GB RAM, 160GB SATA Seagate HDD, BIOS upgraded to newest version 204. Current OS is Vista Home.

I tried to get rid of Vista and install XP Pro, but no success, tried different CD, SP2, SP3 (CDs work fine in other PCs) no success, tried to use nLite and integrate SATA drivers, no success either , though I'm not sure if I used the correct drivers.

There is no such option to change IDE/SATA/RAID settings in the AMI BIOS.

Where I got so far: I set up boot device priority to CD, when I restart, it asks to ''press any key to boot from CD'' , I hit a key, then ''_'' appears in the upper left corner blinking for few seconds and then blank screen. CD spins and makes noise, but nothing happens on screen. I never got to the blue screen saying ''setup is inspecting your hardware configuration''

what do I have to do in order to get XP on Asus X51RL laptop and therefore delete Vista (I don't want Dualboot) If nLite is the only option, what driver do I need (please post a link or full decription and name.


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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Problem downgrading from ...

Have you created your Recovery DVD as you will probably lose the Hidden Recovery Partition.

Insert the XP CD into the optical drive (Notebook needs to be powered on).

Restart the Notebook and press < ESC > on bootup and select the optical drive (may be labled as "CD/DVD") using the down cursor arrow and press < Enter > to boot from the CD.

Open your user manual and check out Operating System under Appendix.

The optical disk is not able to read or write discs.

1. Update the BIOS to the latest version and try again.
2. If updating the BIOS doesn't help, try better quality discs and try again.

Instructions for using WinFlash are in the user manual.

You can download your drivers from here. Select XP.

or follow this link and select Download on the left.

You could also double check your CD/DVD optical drive by booting from a live Linux CD.

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Couple of Things

by TheChas In reply to Problem downgrading from ...

Looking at the specifications for the X51RL, it uses an ATI (AMD) chip-set. I was not able to find any SATA drivers on the AMD web-site.

Second, what type of Windows CD are you using?

And, when you slip-streamed the drivers with n-lite, did you make sure to make the CD bootable?

You may have trouble using anything other than a retail version of Windows when you install to this laptop. You cannot use an OEM CD that is for a different brand of computer.

Thinking about the problems you are having, what happens when you boot into Vista and try to read one of your XP CDs?

If you cannot read the CD from Vista, you may have a bad optical drive.

On your slip-streamed CDs, make sure that you can boot from them on a different computer.

Still, all in all it is getting to be difficult to downgrade systems in general and laptops in particular from Vista to XP. There just is not the driver support for XP for the new hardware.

I would go so far as to say if the system manufacture does not offer a XP SATA driver for download that you should find different hardware if you must run XP.


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by karmeshboy In reply to Problem downgrading from ...


I faced this issue earlier. However, mine was a Compaq laptop. As you mentioned, Windows XP only detects IDE connection and SATA would not be detected. Therefore, we need a SCSI driver to get it bootable from the drive. But, before that you should reach the blue screen and select F6 once it starts to detect the hardware. This would prompt you to select from where you need to select a driver and an external diskette drive installed with SCSI RAID driver would be helpful to get XP installed. The pity part is you did not even manage to reach it. That means the laptop fail to detect the XP OS when you hit enter.

*Before doing this, you may need another desktop PC and make sure you download the entire driver for Windows XP for the motherboard/graphic card/soundcard which could be found from the AMD website itself,

Here is some of my recommendations in order for you to get XP install:-

1) Unscrew the casing of the hard disk behind the laptop.
2) Open the hard disk from the inner casing
(also ensure to remove any external connecter ataach to the PIN)
3) Get a 3.5" external drive casing to reattach the hard disk into it.
4) Connect the external hard disk to your current PC. Make sure to change the boot priority to this hard disk if you are already have another hard disk running.
5) Make sure you are using a Windows XP SP3 version to reformat the hard disk. SP3 contains an integrated SATA RAID driver which we could not find in SP2 and SP3. Remember, this is only supported in SP3.
6)Try to boot up the PC and check whether it reads the CD.
7)If it reads, you are ready to reformat it.

Let me know if this helps.

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