Problem dragging and dropping messages out of outlook 2003

By JoshPayne ·
Hey there, I am at a loss with this issue. My google results find other people with this problem but no-one with a solution. I have a user that is
dragging e-mails from Outlook 2003 into a Mapped Network Drive (share), and into a local folder. She can do so many and then she will get the error
message "Error Copying file or folder" : "Not enough storage is availiable to process this command". If the user restarts the PC or logs off then back in again ahe can work for a while before the error re-occurs.
It seems like a temp file is filling, but I am at a loss as to why. I have also installed the hotfix refered to in several posts regarding this issue.
I think it could be related to a memory leak but am not sure because the memory resources on the local machine don't seem to get into the red accoring to the performance monitor or task manager.

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