Problem editing data in queries

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I was wondering if anybody could help me with the following...

I have two queries which are based on three tables - q1 is based on t1 and t3, q2 is based on q2 and q3. Each table has the fields {HID, yr, mo} and then some data fields. Each has {HID, yr, mo} as the primary key.

The two queries are structurally identical, with the following SQL:

SELECT t1.HID, t1.yr,, t1.somedata1, ..., ..., t3.somedatax
FROM t1 INNER JOIN t3 ON ( = AND (t1.yr = t3.yr) AND (t1.HID = t3.HID);

The problem is that I can sometimes only open one of the queries for editing, and the other one is locked, but then sometimes, the other one is editable and the other is not. Would anybody be able to tell me (a) why this might be, and (b) how I can work around it?

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