Problem erasing files or formatting drive.

By bjhalter ·
I have an old IBM Thinkpad that has a 5Gig hard disk (C:). I have been trying to get more free space by erasing files. When I remove an application, erase a file or a large set of files, (Lotus Notes, etc.) it does not free up any space, in fact it reduces free space. The disk now has 0% free space.

When I try to format the disk to re-image, I get a message that says the disk is locked by another process and will not let me format.

Has anyone seen this? Any quick solution?

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Empty the Recycle bin

by IC-IT In reply to Problem erasing files or ...

You may also delete the c:\windows\$NtUninstallKB******
files and run the cleanup utility.

To format the disk, you will need to boot from either a CD or a floppy with the format command on it (or slave the drive to another system).
The OS can not delete it's own system drive.

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As already stated to Format the HDD you need to run a different OS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problem erasing files or ...

As there is not a OS on the face of the planet that will allow you to delete it while it is running. You can either Boot off a Windows Install CD and Format the Drive from there or wipe the Drive with something like Boot & Nuke


Kill Disc


But be warned both of these will wipe the entire HDD so if there is a recovery Partition or more than 1 Partition they will be destroyed completely. They also take several hours to run as they are not a simple format procedure but wipe the Drive by constantly writing Zero's to every Sector of the drive destroying all of the Data on the Drive.


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