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Problem Export Crystal report to Excell

By nelk_w ·
In my VB program I generate a crystal report and before it gets viewed I want to export it. So my coding does it. But the problem is after I exported the report the fields that have Currency values diplay differen different currency simbols.
one row displays the machine difaults ?, one row with $. Here I'm pasting a code that was used.If somebody knows what the cause and solutions pls. let me know

With mreport
.txtAmount.Left = .txtAmount.Left + 1000

' .FaMOUNT.CurrencySymbol = "?"
' .fCost.CurrencySymbol = "?"
' .FdISCOUNT.CurrencySymbol = "$" ' "?"
' .fProfit.CurrencySymbol = "?"
' .fNetamount.CurrencySymbol = "?"

With .ExportOptions

'.UseReportDateFormat = True
.UseReportNumberFormat = True

'.FormatType = crEFTExcel80 'crEFTCommaSeparatedValues commented the org
.FormatType = crEFTExcel50 'crEFTCommaSeparatedValues
.DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
'.DiskFileName = "C:\ReconciliationOfActualCostAndProfit" + Format(Date, "MMM") + Format(Date, "DD") + ".xls"

'.ExcelUseWorksheetFunctions = True
.ExcelAreaType = crDetail
' .ExcelUseTabularFormat = True
' .ExcelUseWorksheetFunctions = True

End With
'CDExport.DialogTitle = "Reconciliation of Actual Cost and Profit"
CDExport.InitDir = "C:"
CDExport.FileName = "C:\ReconciliationOfActualCostAndProfit" + Format(Date, "MMM") + Format(Date, "DD") + ".xls"

.ExportOptions.DiskFileName = CDExport.FileName + ".xls" '"C:\ReconciliationOfActualCostAndProfit" + Format(Date, "MMM") + Format(Date, "DD") + ".xls"
.Export (False)

End With

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by Ltop In reply to Problem Export Crystal re ...

Is it possible that it is the default of your PC that causes the euro symbol to replace the pound symbol.

In XP Pro, Check under control panel / regional settings / select customise and select the currency tab to show the default/available currency symbols - should be similarly placed in NT4.0 , not sure about Win2K

hope this helps

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