problem gettig ie8

By lexy1616 ·
I have down loded ie8 several times and I still have a lot of sites that I cannot use because they say I don't have ie8 or chrome of firefox. I have since started using chrome and am not haveing any problems with it (and I like it) but can anyone tell me why these sites think I don't have ie8 when I do? What's the problem?

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To clarify

by robo_dev In reply to problem gettig ie8

Are you saying you visit the site with Chrome and it does not detect you have IE8? Of course the web server only detects the web browser used to access the site, not what web browser you have installed.

There is an add-in for Firefox (and for Chrome) called 'User Agent Switcher' that fools the web site into thinking you have a different if a web site 'demands' that you use IE, you can fool it into serving up the web site to Chrome or FF.

Are you using any sort of anonymizer or proxy which blocks the user-agent response from your PC to the web server? That could cause some web servers to generate error messages.

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