Problem hyperlinking in Excel

By dan.dempsey ·
I need to link to from Excel. When I try to, I get the message "Unable to open Cannot download the information you requested." Other links to the web, other workbooks, and other worksheets within the same workbook work fine.

Any ideas how to resolve? Thanks.

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Did you try

by w2ktechman In reply to Problem hyperlinking in E ...

insert -- hyperlink ?

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by dan.dempsey In reply to Did you try

There are several links throughout the workbook. Only this link does not work.

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seems odd

by w2ktechman In reply to Yes

that Excel would decide which links work or not.
Is it a blocked domain?

The link works here, so a few things to look at. First, in some programs recently I have noticed that links fail because, the program adds something to the link. Often an extra http:// or just extra // or changes from http to https. Sometimes just an extra space can cause it too
check these first.

Then, instead of inserting the hyperlink, try typing "click here", highlighting these words and then inserting a hyperlink.

then, if they are correct

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Link works fine in IE

by dan.dempsey In reply to seems odd

I neglected to tell you that the link works fine in IE. I just can't hyperlink to it from within Excel. Quite strange. Were you able to link to it from within Excel? If so, what version of Excel are you using? Your OS?

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I rarely use Excel

by w2ktechman In reply to Link works fine in IE

so I was throwing out suggestions to try

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Not sure but may be possible

by capris In reply to I rarely use Excel

I use Excel 2003 and getting the same message with the link... however I noticed that when you open the link
in IE, it redirects to an HTTPS web page...

If this is the right page you can do this... right click in the link in Excel go to Edit Hyperlink and change the address field to the web page to which its redirected... that works for me...

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Yes, but...

by dan.dempsey In reply to Not sure but may be possi ...

For some reason the site will say that I'm already logged in when I'm not. This is quite a bizarre problem. I have gone to other https sites from Excel with no problem. It might end up being an IBM issue. Thanks to everyone.

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Trouble with Excel Hyperlink

by andrew.brewster In reply to Not sure but may be possi ...

Looks like the first link is redirected to and then again to the proper address when tried out in IE

I wonder if Excel is able to cope with that redirection? The help in Excel says "Make sure the destination file is available The destination file for the hyperlink might have been deleted, moved, or renamed", whch kind of implies it can't cope with anything other than HTTP 200 status messages

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Unable to open xxxxxx

by inblues In reply to Problem hyperlinking in E ...

Anyone can this solve? I'm facing same issue here.

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