Problem in DHCP Relay Agent

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Dear Engineers MCSE

Subject :: Help required in Problem relating to MCSE RRAS (Relay Agent)
with due respect it is stated that i am facing the problem in Relay Agent of Routing and Remote access console sub feature. I have the course material provided by MS press and Sybex Inc but i didn't find complete practical in that regarding Relay Agent. Kindly my answer for this question stated should be provided by MCSE experts. I would be thank ful to you.
I have 2 Question from You
Qno1 = Can DHCP assign two diffirent Subents IP address via DHCP Relay Agent such as in my Super Scope and subnets or i may keep single subnet in my dhcp scope still having dhcp relay agent ?

QNo.2 ........... My Practical Problem which is described in the following can't obtain IP from DHCP server .. why ??

MY Problem Senario ::

I have 3 PC's for My Practical of Relay Agent.I want a PC on other subnet without having DHCP Server to forward the DHCP brodcast Request via Relay agent to the PC in its subnet to the DHCP server on the other subnet . My settings are as follow:

Server 1 : DC ( + DHCP Server having 2 scopes in Super Scope
e.g 1 for 172.16.x.x
2nd for 192.168.5.x
IP ::

Server 2 :: Relay Agent in but diffirent IP with 2 Lan Cards
(WAN) NIC 1 = IP
Gateway =
(LAN) NIC 2 = IP

Client XP 1 = Connected Directly to Server 2 Via Crossover cable to its NIC 2
NIC = IP (Obtain Automatically via DHCP on the other Subnet)

Amanullah Khan

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Solution of the Problem in DHCP Relay Agent

by zaedi_ahmed In reply to Problem in DHCP Relay Age ...


First of all DHCP in a domain controller is not recommended.

01. Can DHCP assign two diffirent Subents IP address via DHCP Relay Agent?

Yes DHCP can assign two different Subnets IP address via DHCP Relay Agent.

Your Configuration Problems:
DC has an IP address of and the NIC of Relay agent has got also the same. This is a mistake. Further more you don?t need to assign a Gate Way in the Relay Agent NIC.

NIC of WAN should be different like and then the DG could be the and the DNS

You don?t need to specify the Default Gateway of LAN NIC as

You don?t need to put your scopes into a superscope.

Configuration should be done in the following way
One important thing is that, you have to configure the DHCP relay agent correctly and bind it with proper interface.

Here is how it can be done:

01. Right click on the general node in the RRAS and choose ?New Routing Protocol?
02. In the dialog box choose ?DHCP relay agent? and ok
03. In the DHCP relay agent node right click and choose properties.
04. In the properties dialog box add the IP of the DHCP server and click OK button.
05. Select the ?DHCP relay agent? node and in the right pane in the blank area right click and choose ?New interface?
06. Add the interface that will hear the Clients DHCP discover broadcast requests press ok.

It is the proper configuration of the DHCP relay agent.

N.B.: Very special to remember, in the machine where you have installed the DHCP relay agent do not install DHCP service, ICS, NAT or DNS there.

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