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    problem in my flash drive


    by earllaruda ·

    my computer can detect my flash drive but wen i tried to open it their is a message saying that i need to insert my disk drive and also when i look at its property it display that “in its capacity show 0 space has been used and 0 of free space” and also i think that their was a problem in its power because once i put my flash drive in a port it lights but now it dose not light by the time when i try to insert my flash drive pls… help me! what should i do? is their a chance to fix my flash drive?

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      by earllaruda ·

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      Some Flash Drives need to be inserted a couple of times to work

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to problem in my flash drive

      If you do not get the thing showing the correct details after inserting it 3 times and removing it twice it’s unlikely to be working and needs throwing out and being replaced.

      Even if you can get your data off the Thumb Drive I would suggest that you save whatever you have on it and look at replacing the unit before it fails totally.


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      Flash Drive problems

      by dspeacock ·

      In reply to problem in my flash drive

      Sometimes if the device isn’t ejected properly, it gets screwed up to the point that a format is the only way to get it working again. I’ve also had to chuck a couple after users had tried to fix them.

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      Flash Drive Problem

      by pedro ·

      In reply to problem in my flash drive

      Don’t know if you have solved your problem but I have a similar one. I have found that this occurs when the entire capacity of the drive has been used up. It is completely maxed out. I have not been able to determine a way to free up space by deleting files as I am sure that this will solve the problem. Have you received a positive response which you can share with me?

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        i have a proplem ,can you help me?

        by alloy ·

        In reply to Flash Drive Problem

        i’d use one of the security programs and i can’t access my flsh and can’t format it i’d tried windows and linox with nothing is there any way to recover my flsh disk
        my flash disk is kingston 1G

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