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    Problem in office 97 Q&A


    by ffontan1 ·

    Hi tech,

    I have office 97 and I am using excel and word.

    When I use the scroll bar to look at my document It’s not scrolling but jumps.
    To wherever I release the mouse.

    I’ve used this excel document file on other computers and don’t remember this problem.
    in office 2000 It works fine. In windows the scrolling and in int_net or web it work fine.

    Can you help?

    At home I use windows office 97 on computers (AMD 400mhz, 256momory, 5gig h.d.
    At work I use windows office 2000 on computer (AMD 1600mhz 512memory, 40gig h.d.


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      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to Problem in office 97 Q&A

      On the machine with this problem, did you update Internet Explorer with new patches from the Windows Update website?
      I ask because of patch MS03-048 has a bug in it that it makes IE do this: it does not scroll when you click the scroll bar, but it jumps to where you clicked it.
      Go to this page:
      Go to the bottom of it for details and information on how to find out how to fix it.

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      by ffontan1 ·

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