Problem in PC Monitor ON/OFF push button

By batcher1 ·
I have a samsung syncmaster 763MB CRT monitor using about more than 4 years , now i have a problem in pressing the push button to make the monitor ON/OFF.
For the past 2 days, when i press the push button of the monitor turn ON, it doesn't turning ON, so i need to press it again for 4 or 5 times , it will turn the monitor ON...
Sometimes when i kicking the push button with my finger somehow, it will turn ON the monitor and also at sometimes goes off[blinking] and then comes ON if i clicking with my fingers.
Now the conditions is, it doesn't turning the push button to be monitor OFF, always ON[blinking, after shutting down the operating system]..
I had no problems in operating systems or flickering in monitor or sound..
Just this push button of the monitor ON/OFF is not co-operating.

Please tell me what happened to this monitor push button and then,is there anyother problems of the monitor in future, and also tell me how to resolve this problem ?!

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Don't shoot the messenger....

by ---TK--- In reply to Problem in PC Monitor ON/ ...

Get a new monitor... Buttons get warn out... and 90% of the time, it will cost way to much money to get it fixed... I would highly recommend NOT cracking it opened to try and fix it. CRT's hold enough juice to kill you! I'm sure this wasn't the answer you wanted to hear... but its just my two cents... Good luck!

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Leave it on

by Jacky Howe In reply to Problem in PC Monitor ON/ ...

or turn it off at the mains. You may get a bit more life out of it.

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Power switch worn out

by mjd420nova In reply to Problem in PC Monitor ON/ ...

The power switch needs replacement. I've seen this a few times and the springs inside get weak and won't hold the contacts in place to allow current flow.

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