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    Problem in system tray


    by ellisyu ·

    I am intalled window xp home edition sp2 in y laptop. The problem now is some of the program listed in the system tray is missing when i restarted the window. Sometomes, it will go back to normal. I don’t know how to correct this as the most important program missed is the “removal of the hard disk” icon is always missing. Please help to correct this problem. Thanks in advance!

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      Missing or hidden?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Problem in system tray

      Are they actually missing or just hidden?

      Do you have a “<<" character as the first icon in the tray? If so, the tray icons are just hidden. Right-click on the tray, select properties, uncheck the "Hide Inactive Icons" checkbox, and click OK.

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        Not hdden

        by ellisyu ·

        In reply to Missing or hidden?

        I do not use the hidden function and let all the program icons shown on the system tray. Now, i am using the computer and there are 5 icons is missing in the system tray as it should be running in the computer. Please help to solve this problem. Thanks!

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      Try Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!

      by blu ·

      In reply to Problem in system tray

      The solution is Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm

      SELECT “Show missing Icon” under “Notification Area” and activate the flag on “Disable SSDP and uPNP Services”: the program disable SSDP and uPNP Services, then click Apply.
      Then DESELECT “Remove the Notification Area” flag under “Notification Area” and click Apply: the Windows Shell will be restarted and… look on the tray area!

      I had the same problem and now I have the solution!

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