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i could use information on installing win xp on my vaio VGN - FZ 19 VN
i have purchased an external usb flopy (its a nec)and followed instructions (pressing f6 at the begining of windows inst. as sony describes in the site)the installation recognizes the flopy and the drivers, lets me format my hdd but when the format finishes and windows check my drive wright before windows start copying files on c: i get the mesage "put matrix storage driver in drive a and press enter" althuogh my usb flopy remain conected and the discet in its place. It seems that the computer dosent recognize the usb drive any more.
would apreatiate it very much if you could help.
sorry about my english.

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instructions for writing F6 drivers to Windows install disk

by Absolutely In reply to PROBLEM INSTALIN WIN XP P ...
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by larrymcp In reply to PROBLEM INSTALIN WIN XP P ...

Why aren't you installing from the CD?

Can't you set BIOS to boot from the CD?

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This person needs to install additional Drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: PROBLEM INSTALLING WI ...

That are not included on the Install Media. They are using a OEM or Retail Copy of Windows that doesn't have the SATA Drivers that are necessary for the Windows CD to enable the HDD.

At a guess they are attempting to Load XP onto a computer that was supplied new with Vista so do not have a Slipstreamed Install Disc.


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you can tell because he mentioned "F6"

by Absolutely In reply to This person needs to inst ...

When installing Win2000/XP, pressing the 6th
function key interrupts, to install SCSI
and/or RAID drivers, traditionally from
floppy disk. Obviously, that tradition is a
bit inconvenient on modern laptops, which by
default don't include the traditional floppy
bus. Amusingly, high-end laptops built to
run Windows increasingly offer 2-drive RAID.

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XP cVan be successfully installed on new Vaio Laptops

by john In reply to you can tell because he m ...

This works for Sony Vaio FZ 11L
Make slipstreamed disk incorporating Service Pack 2 and Hotfixes, and use nlite to add sata drivers. This will allow you to install XP without the use of a floppy drive. You now need to install the driver for the graphics card, in this case Nvidia GeForce 8400M GT. It's worth getting a package like Driver Magic (I'm not on commision!) because this will find the Intel and Ethernet controllers. Finally, the sound driver, it's out there if you can find it!

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