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Problem installing new video card

By jburke1 ·
I have a Compaq SFF Deskpro EN (ENS/P866/15e/6/128c US) system with a integrated Intel 3D DVM video. I am trying to install a new Sapphire Radeon 9200se PCI video card, but after installing and rebooting the PC will not boot up, not even to BIOS setup.
Its running WXP SP2, I have tried uninstalling the Intel s/w and still wont recognize the card.
What am I missing????

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Try this...

by mrafrohead In reply to Problem installing new vi ...

Pull that card out.

Reboot the computer. After you have booted into Windoze, uninstall the previous driver.

After you have done that, reboot the computer and go into the BIOS and tell it to boot from a non-integrated vid card, and specify that it is PCI.

After you have done that, you should be okay.

Now, just so you know, some Compaq BIOS' contain code that will automagikally detect the new vid card and just disable the integrated on the fly.

If that is the case, let me know and I'll see if I can come up with something else.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Try this...

Just go into contropl panel and disable the device. Compaq WILL try and boot to the onbard chipset even if the drivers are removed, thus creating a reboot loop on error. The BIOS command you mentioned is for a diagnostic boot, but shouldn't be used to detect a card as it will do so on each reboot.

Those particular models are very proprietary! I had a whole office full of EN's and EXP's, ALL small form factor Compaws, what a pain in the ***! But at least Compaq supports them onsite for 5 years.

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Reboot loop

by jdclyde In reply to DON'T DELETE THE COPMPAQ ...

That is bad, right?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Reboot loop

You know the inevitable, 'My computer just restarts out of the blue!' or everytime I boot up, it gets halfway then just reboots.

This is the 'reboot loop' due to having the check for Automatically Restart on errors, in the Advanced System properties page.

I hate auto reboots, let me SEE TH EFRIGGIN ERROR!! Obviously the computer is too stupid to figure out the problem or else it would not keep rebooting, so let ME have a crack at it, SHOW ME THE ERROR!!

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by jburke1 In reply to DON'T DELETE THE COPMPAQ ...

I have tried disabling the device, it will still freeze up on boot.
I will be moving this question over to the Q&A side.
Thanks for your input.

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couple things to look at

by jdclyde In reply to Problem installing new vi ...

First, check the book on your compaq to make sure that it will go as high as the card you are trying to put in.

If it is, then go into your BIOS and look at the AGP appature setting, and set it to what your new card is. Then shutdown and put new card in.

I have had this before to. Have a PII 400, went to put a card in that SHOULD have worked but it did the same. Had to unplug computer to turn it off. Ended up having to go to a different brand.

A few years later tried again but no deals.

BIOS just won't take it.

The next step would be to try the Q&A section. May get a solution there.

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by gralfus In reply to Problem installing new vi ...

The specs on the Sapphire page indicate it is an AGP card with some specific requirements, such as Pentium II as the least processor it supports. Here is a link:

What are the hardware specs of your system?

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Well beyond the minimum

by Oz_Media In reply to PCI?

Sapphire Radeon should not be an issue with these Compaq's.

Remove the card. Install the sotware bundle and disable the onboard chipset before rebooting with the monitor connected to the card.

If you STILL need help, the proper forum for such issues is Tech Q&A;

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Thanks again!!

by jburke1 In reply to Well beyond the minimum

I appreciate all the advice,
Im not real sure how to disable th onboard chipset, maybe thats my problem.

I will be moving this question over to the Q&A side.
Thanks for your input.

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ON board chipset

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks again!!

Sorry it's juat the term fo rthe onboard graphics. The monitor connector that runs to the motherboard of you don't have an AGP or PCI card instaled.

The graphics run from chips on the system board, instead of an indpendant card and chipset.

Sorry for the confusion, I just meant disable the onboard grahics. Good luck in Tech Q&A .

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