Problem installing novell4.10 server

By satish.shukre ·

Does any body knows how to setup a IDE disk over 8.4 GB in NOvell 4.10 server.

I have download all the patches and install it but it fails to load during installation.

Please help me out of this.
Thx in advance.


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Why are you installing a product that's obsolete and over 10 years old?

by ManiacMan In reply to Problem installing novell ...

Ahhh Novell Netware...reminds me of the good ole days when I was a CNE. Regarding your question, I don't think it can be done because 4.10 did not support NSS and still relied on traditional volumes bound by the FAT 16 limitations of DOS. You'll have to create a small partition for the SYS volume and use the rest to break up into smaller sized volumes, but I doubt it will let you use all 8GB as a single SYS volume. Don't forget to do the FDISK part, as you'll need to install a small DOS partition first before you even load the Netware CD.

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