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    Problem Installing RPC Patch


    by joseph moore ·

    I have been reading in various places about people having problems installing this RPC patch on their Windows systems. They get errors like this:
    “Setup could not verify the integrity of the file Update.inf”

    I found references to this on a Microsoft newsgroup and how to fix this. I posted what to do and links on stuff to read to a question in the Q&A section. The question is here:
    (please remove any spaces)

    In XP, the Cryptographic Service needs to run to install the patch, apparently.

    For Win2K, there is a much more complicated method to fix this so you can then run the patch.

    I wanted to post this so everyone can see it. I also added these comments to an open question I have on the Blaster worm.

    Boy, I feel exhausted these past couple of days on this thing. I have not had to deal with any infections on user machines, but just reading on all of the problems people are having is tiring me out!

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      Reply To: Problem Installing RPC Patch

      by djent ·

      In reply to Problem Installing RPC Patch

      I am surprised about all the fuss about this patch. First the patch and news about the worm have been in circulation from July 10. Second the fix is easy, dowmload the correct version for your OS, get a current AV DAT, apply both and your done.

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