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Problem installing windows 95 from disk

By jdsimpkins ·
I know windows 95 is pretty old now, but my friend has an issue with his computer. His hard drive was formatted and he's trying to install 95 and then the 98 SE2 upgrade. Does anything need to be done to the hard drive before it's ready to install windows 95?

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by Jaqui In reply to Problem installing window ...

it has to be fat16 ( win 95 didn't really support fat32 )

after formatting as fat16, run the setup.exe from the win95 cd.
( make a setup boot disk if you don't have, win95 wasn't a bootable cdrom )

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by willcomp In reply to Problem installing window ...

Original release of Win95 was strictly FAT16 and had a partition size limit of 2GB. Later OEM versions of Win95 (usually referred to as 95B and 95C) support FAT32.

If you have original 95 and a hard disk of any size, I do not recommend installing Win95 and then upgrading to Win98SE.

Jaqui is correct. Win95 CD's are not bootable and a Win95 boot disk is required. Boot disks are available at:


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by TheChas In reply to Problem installing window ...

You do NOT need to install Windows 95 prior to installing the upgrade version of Windows 98.

You can install the upgrade version of Windows 98 onto a clean formatted hard drive.
During the installation process, you will be asked to prove that you qualify for the upgrade.
Simply swap the W98 CD with the W95 CD and the installer will verify that you have a prior version of Windows.
(You can even use the Windows 3.11 floppy set!)

As to starting out to install either W95, or W98, you MUST first partition and format the hard drive.

Boot from a W98 startup floppy.
At the DOS prompt, run:
fdisk /mbr
Then run fdisk
follow the prompts and create a primary DOS partition, marked as active.

Exit fdisk and reboot.

At the DOS prompt, run the command:
format C: /s

Once the drive is formatted, place the W98 CD in the drive and type in:

The installer should start and then follow the prompts.


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