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Problem-installing windows on new disk

By s_kgoel ·
I had a hard disk crash(Seagate 8.3Gb) on a PC with AMD K2-6(500Mhz.) machine with 128 RAM. I tried to recover the data but could not and thus reformatted the disk after using fdisk. But inspite of trying to insatll Win98 SE or Win 2K many times I could not as the C: drive kept giving errors. The disk is correctly recognised by BIOS at boot up.
I bought a new disk Hitachi Deskstar 40 GB and prepared it thru Fdisk and format on the same machine, but this disk also behaved the same way. I am not sure what the problem is and how to overcome this. I remove the new disk fearing that this may also crash. This disk is also recognised on boot up.
I can but upto DOS via floppy as well as CD-ROM bit cannot insatll anything on the old disk as the partition informaion keps changing or it shows "Media error on Drive C:". Can somebody advise me please ?

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by Don Christner In reply to Problem-installing window ...

It sounds like your hard disk controller is the problem. This is the brains that controls the hard drive. Follow the wide ribbon cable from your drive. If it is plugged into the motherboard, you are using an 'on board' controller (drive is IDE). Otherwise you are using a standalone controller card (could be IDE or SCSI). Either way, you can buy and use a stand alone controller.

Good luck,

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by dmiles In reply to Problem-installing window ...

Check the BIOS manufacturer web site for updated bios flash for the motherboard

Check the cables fot insure they are connected to motherboard and back of drive correctly.

Note the errors that you are getting from the system and repost for futher help in diagnosing the problem to get a solution

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by CG IT In reply to Problem-installing window ...

Did you try moving the to the 2nd IDE channel and using that instead of the primary IDE channel and if so do you get the same error?

could you explain step by step the fdisk process you did?
Was it boot to the boot disk with the fdisk utility and you chose yes to enable large hardrive support? Then in the fdisk utility,you created a primary DOS partition and make it active? then reboot using the boot disk and at the A: prompt you typed format c: and allowed it to format the disk. Next, when you boot to CD and Windows inspects the disk you get media error? try booting to your boot disk with the Fdisk utility and at the command prompt type fdisk/mbr press enter then reboot to the Windows CD and see if it will install.

Note: I'll assume that the disk crash isn't associated with a disk failure which requires replacement of the disk or the disk crash isn't associated with the Primary IDE controller on the mainboard going bad.

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by willcomp In reply to Problem-installing window ...

Long shot, but worth a look.

Scan your installtion media for viruses on another computer. There were old boot sector infectors that changed partition information.

If that's not the case, other folks have provided good info.

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