Problem loading Sigmatel 9250 drivers

By raman3007 ·

I recently bought a Gateway 9250 laptop, with Vista pre installed. Some of my apps don't work in vista, so I srunk the vista partition, and installed WinXP Pro on the remaining partition. Believe me, I learnt a lot by just doing that.. including creation of a bootable WinXP setup (I had a plain dump of my original setup CD), getting the SATA disk to work with WinXP, etc. Now there's just one problem that I simply unable to resolve: can't install Sigmatel 9250 drivers for sound, because it says "device not found". I read some where that I needed MS's KB888111 update for high def audio.. which I got from the intel, and still I'm facing the problem. Please help, because I use my my computer for phone calls, and I'm stuck without sound !. Can't reboot into Vista for every phone call (Sound works fine with Vista). I'm desparately looking for a solution..

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Problem loading Sigmatel 9250 drivers

by pguerrier In reply to Problem loading Sigmatel ...

I have the SAME problem..with the Sigmatel 9250 driver. Was anyone able to assist you?
Do you know where I can begin to find the 9250 driver?? I have a Gateway MT6705, downloaded and used the KB888111 patch as well. Nothing worked..Any links would be greatly appreciated

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Sigmatel 9250 driver for XP

by paketion In reply to Problem loading Sigmatel ...
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I have the same problem whit my MT6831 Gateway

by gabriel_capi In reply to Sigmatel 9250 driver for ...

The driver dont work whit my laptop : (

Help me please, i hate Vista!

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Sigmatel 9250

by maduranga In reply to I have the same problem w ...

I recently bought a Gateway laptop and have been having this problem.. locating the drivers was really hard but this sound driver really pushed me over the edge.. searched in forums and installed dozens of drivers to no avail..

I do not have a solid solution to you to use the speakers of your laptop.. but what I did was to use an USB speaker.. worked without any problem.. wouldnt cost you that much but you have the trouble of plugging in a seperate set of speakers... but well.. you can get the sound...

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