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    Problem loading Sigmatel 9250 drivers


    by raman3007 ·


    I recently bought a Gateway 9250 laptop, with Vista pre installed. Some of my apps don’t work in vista, so I srunk the vista partition, and installed WinXP Pro on the remaining partition. Believe me, I learnt a lot by just doing that.. including creation of a bootable WinXP setup (I had a plain dump of my original setup CD), getting the SATA disk to work with WinXP, etc. Now there’s just one problem that I simply unable to resolve: can’t install Sigmatel 9250 drivers for sound, because it says “device not found”. I read some where that I needed MS’s KB888111 update for high def audio.. which I got from the intel, and still I’m facing the problem. Please help, because I use my my computer for phone calls, and I’m stuck without sound !. Can’t reboot into Vista for every phone call (Sound works fine with Vista). I’m desparately looking for a solution..

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