Problem loading some websites.

By enoctakk ·
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I have a problem loading some websites, I would say random websites, for example, I can't enter blizzard website.
This does not happen with all websites, and when I activate a vpn, I do can access those websites, so seems like my ip is the reason?

This happens in all my devices.

I'm not a pro in networking so I just tried to change the router dns but this did not do anything.
I tried to factory reset the router.
Also, I tried to tell my internet provider about this, but they are useless.

So, I was hoping I can get some advises here of what I could check or change.
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Does this happen with different browsers

by itsdigger In reply to Problem loading some webs ...

or are you using just one?

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Things you need to know. And try.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Problem loading some webs ...

1. You may be in one of those countries that block sites.
2. You may be at a school that blocks sites.
3. The VPN would be the fix or move to where there is not this restriction.
4. You could try another DNS (Google How to Choose A Better DNS) to see if that's the cause.

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Re: ip

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Problem loading some webs ...

If a site blocks an IP-address, only they can unblock it. Contact them and ask why.

Getting another ISP will get you a different IP-address.

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