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    Problem moving emails to personal folders


    by geronomo ·

    Would appreciate if someone, sometime, could solve the mystery of why I consistently get an error message and Outlook refuses to moved them ?sent? folder to a personal folder where I archive sent messages. I am stopped from doing this several times when moving messages, but if I persist in trying to move, it moves some of them, and eventually allows me to move all of them. This is odd. I used to be able to move the entire month?s sent messages at once, without any problems. This makes it a pain to clean out old sent messages. Here is the Outlook error message I get:

    ?Can?t move the items. Some items could not be moved. They were either already moved or deleted, or access was denied.?

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      by curacao_dejavu ·

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      Typically, these error messages indicate that Outlook cannot perform the operation because you have too many items selected. You can do one of the following to avoid the error messages in the “Summary” section of this article:
      Select fewer items and perform the operation.
      Create an Inbox rule to process these items for you.

      NOTE: The items need to be in the Inbox folder for an Inbox rule to process the items.
      Last Reviewed: 5/20/2003
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      This behavior can occur if you are using the Symantec Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition (NAV CE). This behavior is by design for items with attachments that are not flagged as scanned by the LANDesk Virus Protect (LDVP) client software. Unscanned items cannot be moved or archived until they have been opened and scanned.

      If you have recently installed the Symantec NAV CE, old items that contain attachments may not have been scanned.

      NOTE: If you use the Mark As Read option in Outlook (with the Edit menu or by right-clicking a message, and then clicking Mark As Read), the messages are not opened, and the scan does not occur.
      To resolve this behavior, verify that all items with attachments are either opened or deleted when you receive them.

      You can use the Preview pane in Outlook to view the messages. This opens the messages and allows the scan to take place. There may be minor delays in the process while the scans occur.


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      by geronomo ·

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